Wordcon is a movement launched in 2015 by Freelance Foundation – a non-profit dedicated to connect Indian freelancers with the global community through a collaborative, practice based,inter-disciplinary and cross-pollinating platform of ideas, imagination and practice.


The heritage of Wordcon is based on the creative and adaptive synthesis of three existential pillars of a freelancer’s life.  In other way, the Art, Science and Commerce of Freelancing are supported by three existential pillars: Income, Leisure and Fame. 

It is the best of times. Technological tools and interconnect between things are opening unknown frontiers of opportunities and new enterprises.  Configuration of skills which were curiosity earlier is now standard issue.

It is the worst of times.  There is deep anxiety and fear as what happens next. Will I be paid for something when the task can be done by a machine, if not today, may be within half a decade?  How to earn, have sanity and get myself known so that future work is ensured?  In this flux-like environment, what is to be done ?

Like any authentic philosophy of before and after, we do not claim to have a ready, one size fits all mantra or answer but rely on global human ingenuity, passion, intelligence and compassion.  We also believe in the mysterious power of exploration without any map and the exploration itself produces footprint in the terra incognita.

The heraldic emblem of Freelancer Foundation. The three Doric pillars, firmly based on a reliable foundation symbolize Income, Leisure and Fame in Sanskrit and Latin and the fourth pillar is self-conscious freelancer himself / herself. The round eye at the top is the third eye of intuition and clairvoyance – based at the terra firma of the earth but overlooking the earthly concerns.